5 Reasons Why Kerala is Desired for Holidays in Monsoon

When it rains outside, Kerala gets a special hue. The state has become the green paradise with the lush greenery adorns it from the hills to plans. Monsoon adds a grace to God’s Own Country and the pristine beauty spread all across from backwaters to hills to the beaches is worth to visit. Cloudy sunsets, chill breeze, pure air and the cheerful fervor of an array of festivals just liven up Kerala. Intermittent downpour heightens the romance in the air. Monsoon brings out a completely different side.

1) Snake Boat Racessnake boat races


Monsoon first hits Kerala in the India. With the advent of rains, Kerala gets the completely different hue and Snake Boat Races is one among the popular colour you should paint yourself with. July to September, there are numerous water sports activities are held in the state and Snake Boat Races is one among the best one. Also known as Nehru Trophy Boat Race, the event organized in the backwaters around Alappuzha where magnificent traditional 30-meter-long boats that look like snake amidst 100 rowers rowing the boat together to win the trophy.

2) The Onam Sadya Feast food on kerala


If different culture and traditions attracts you, you should plan your trip while Onam is celebrated in Kerala. Onam is ten-day harvest festival and it is held every year with great enthusiasm as the homecoming of the mythical king Mahabali. The festival is also an excellent excuse to be there and relish the finger licking vegetarian fare. Kerala is popular for its delicious dishes and the way they serve the food. If you are fond of ‘Sadya – the nine-course banquet’, don’t bound yourself fly to Kerala when Onam celebrated.

3) Great Hotel Deals great hotel deals kerala


Besides the special hue Kerala gets in monsoon, the season is offbeat in the state. This is the best time for the budget constraint tourist and travellers to put some stuffs into a bag and head towards India’s most fascinating tourist destination. It becomes effortless to find the finest accommodation in the expensive hotels and resorts within the budget. Affordable houseboat trips or living in a village to get close to locals and nature as well as at the beaches with the best of facilities is available at the best bargains.

4) Ayurvedic Therapies aurvedic therapies


Pamper you and have the lasting refreshing and rejuvenating experience in Kerala with the Ayurvedic Therapies. Kerala is the best place in India to indulge into the traditionally practiced ayurvedic treatment. Monsoon is the best time to go for the ayurvedic massages due to the moist humid climate and wide supply of the medicinal plants and herbs. Standard as well as tailor made packages are also offered for the weekend and for a week-long retreat in Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village Health Resort, Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort and other best destinations.  Ayurvedic therapies are all about calming your mind, body and soul.

5) Wayanad’s Natural Splendour wayanad natural tour


Wayanad is gifted with plenty of greenery and downpour enhances the aura of the whole region. The region becomes paradise for the nature lovers and photographers. The lush greenery carpeted the whole plane and hills with plantations, gushing waterfalls and stunning flora and fauna are the treat for the eyes, mind and soul as well.

These are the five reasons why one should plan Kerala tour in monsoon.

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