6 Unique Travel Destinations to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a top tourist destination. To have a memorable holiday, book your flight and head to this destination. You will find various unique things to see and experience. The good thing about the country attractions is that they spread across different places. Visitors enjoy the rides when visiting these attractions. Here are the 6 Unique Travel Destinations to Visit Sri Lanka.sri lanka 173

Bundala National park

A leading travel destination in Sri Lanka is the park located 15km in Hambantota. If you love bird watching, visit the Reserve. Inside, you will also interact with elephants, crocodiles and turtles. The lucky travelers will also spot a leopard.Pahiyangala


The place is unique for those who want to know about Buddhists. It is an impressive area but with less traffic. It is ideal for Buddhists who come here. The area boasts of prehistoric excavations. There are several relics collected and stored here. It is unique because it offers the best training for monks. You can spend the night here, and wait to serve the monk’s breakfast in the morning.


It is a small town location the Southern Coast of the country. The coastal town is synonymous because it offers the best attraction in terms of beaches and corals. In fact people travelling to this location from Colombo to Galle will also see various attractions. The place has several sites that give visitors space to go surfing.Adams Peak

Adams Peak

If you have traveled to the Sabaraganuwa province, or the Central Highlands in Ratnapura, then make a point of visiting the Adams Peak. The Peak represents Siripadaya Mountain named as a national treasure. At the mountain top, you come across a small temple designed in pyramid shape. The best adventure here involves hiking in the morning or during the night to reach the peak.


Sirigiya is a must see travel destination in Sri Lanka. The rock fortress is named as a UNESCO heritage site. It is a unique representation of construction and engineering. The rock fortress measures 200 meters at the peak of forest train. At the top, you will watch the views surrounding this place. At the bottom of this rock, you get beautifully finished ramparts, water gardens and moats. The area has remnant of huge Lion paws. It is one of the top historical artworks here.

Yala National park

It is the second largest Reserve in the country widely visited because it offers a variety of wildlife safaris. The main attractions in Yala include the Elephants and Leopards. The park is also synonymous for people who want to go bird watching. The park also holds a sizable number of monkeys. The landscape is something unique that you should note fail to note. It offers raw salty lagoons and a jungle that has never been tampered.

Travelling to the country to see and experience the unique sites need proper preparations. Before you know the place to visit, you have to apply for the Sri Lanka Visa. To make the process fast, consider hiring an agent to push for the online applications. It saves you time when applying for the first time.

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