A Few Amazing But Lesser Explored Treasures Of France

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France remains one of the most popular travel hubs of Europe. It receives a million tourists almost every year. But wait! In spite of these many tourists taking back wonderful memories from Paris, Marseille, Eiffel and the Riviera, there are a number of other beautiful places that remain unexplored by most. If you’re willing to unravel these wondrous mysteries of France, go through this rundown on some of the most underrated destinations of France.

Europe Tour

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Lesser Explored Destinations of France

Le Puy-en-Velay

As one of the most underrated beauties of France, sources of aesthetic pleasure abound here. As you start approaching Le Puy-en-Velay, you immediately come across three beautiful landmarks across the high plateau:

  • A huge statue of Madonna
  • A dark basalt cathedral
  • A chapel sitting pretty atop 270ft high lava (even a mere visualization might leave yu speechless!)

Nestled in the very heart of deep France, this place served as the initial point of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. It remains a major attraction for serious walkers. September is an interesting time to visit this place with Renaissance Festival of the Bird King in full swing.


If you’re game for some fantastic coastal views in France then Brittany is the place to be. Spectacular sandy beaches, towering cliffs or wondrous beaches— there is no dearth of choices. With an equally versatile interior landscape, Brittany presents you charming little villages and luxurious forests brimming with mythical legend.


Blessed with immense geological richness this place qualifies as one of the best treasures of France, which is yet to be explored the way it should be. It’s a large but remote mountainous area with Allier River running through it. Starting from Mende, the Allier River flows through to meet Loire near Nevers. Hop in to a train to track the entire serpentine course of Allier. Those, with a penchant for history should be especially thrilled to explore the tiny rustic châteaux which have direct connections with the family of the Marquis of Lafayette, the hero of American Revolution. The adventurous souls can indulge in kayaking and rafting.


Normandy remains one of the places where you can unwind and relax. Normandy covers a span of rolling lush greenery aside from “story-book” villages. The main attractions include:

  • The Enigmatic Tapestry at Bayeux (it’s related to Williams’ Conquest in England in the year 1066.)
  • Monet’s garden and studio at Giverny
  • Various other memorials and monuments


Albi remains one of the most ignored places of France in spite of its proximity to the medieval romantic Carcassone. Albi is a red cathedral that can be likened to a fortress that was built after the Cathars were ousted with much cruelty. Do check out the Toulouse Lautrec museum with paintings belonging to the late nineteenth century Parisians.

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