A tour through the palaces of Mysore

Mysore is a historic place full of palaces. It has majestic palaces and some historic monuments. It is a great cultural city of Karnataka and a must visit for anyone. Read on.

Mysore is a pleasant sight as it is a clean and beautiful place to visit. It was once the most significant princely states. Due to its rich and royal history, the city has several palaces. Of late, Mysore has become famous for its international yoga center. Tourists going to other places go through Mysore as it connects to so many destinations. Besides its own allures, Mysore serves as the connecting point for Srirangapatnam, Somnathpur Temple, Jain pilgrimage site Shravanabelagola. It also serves as the base station for reaching the nature reserves of Bandipur and Nagarhole. Your trip to Mysore can be a lot of fun and exploration. You can check-in at one of the hotels in Mysore and enjoy a comfortable stay before you start your expedition of the treasures of the city.

mysore palace

As you arrive in Mysore, the first site to visit is the Mysore Palace, which is also known as Amba Vilas. It is said to be the one of the most decorated and artistically built palaces in India. During Dussehra and on Saturdays and Sundays, the palace is lit of close to one lakh bulbs. The magnificence of the palace come to the fore at that time and it seems as if the whole palace is made in gold. Southern Gate of the Mysore Palace is the entry gate. Golden and reddish, arches, and pinnacles present a majestic sight of the palace.

Another palace of note in Mysore is the Jagan Mohan Palace. It was made in 1861. It was the temporary staying place for the maharaja when the Mysore Palace had burnt down in an accident. You would notice elements of neoclassical and Hindu-style architecture in the construct and intricate carvings of this palace. There is an art and sculpture gallery inside the palace. It has paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Nicholas Roerich. There are some porcelain vases and bronze artifacts as well. Another palace of fame in Mysore is the Lalitha Mahal, which is now a hotel.

Other places of interest and note to visit in Mysore are the St. Philomena’s Cathedral and the Government House. Once you have seen these attractions, you can explore the neighborhood of Mysore and visit Chamundi Hill, Talkad and Somnathpur. Chamundi Hills has the Chamundeshwari Temple and the Rajendra Vilas Palace. Talkad has Vaidyanatheshwara Temple, Pataleshwar Temple, etc. You can reach Mysore by Indian Railway train or by air.

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