Ahemdabad – A tourist destination and a wildlife lovers’ paradise

Gujrat has come a long way as a tourist destination as it has various things to explore for travelers and also provides Hotels and resorts where one can stay and have a relaxed tour. There are numerous places in Ahmedabad to visit particularly the mosques that are outstanding illustrations of brilliant workmanship, the Jain temples and a range of other historical structures with exceptional stone step and richly carved wooden balconies. The city has a numerous architectural monuments and constructions of historical significance that has become general spaces of attention. The city provides an assortment of place to visit, be it monuments, parks, lakes or wildlife. It is a thriving city where one can find a fine mix of the art, history and culture.painted-stork-wildlife

One of the religious destinations of Ahmedabad is the Ahmed Shah’s Mosque, which is very beautiful and is situated in the south-west end of the well known Bhadra fort. It is a very antique mosque, built in 15 century by the creator of the town Ahmed Shah. Bhadrakali Temple is also located in the eminent Bhadra Fort. This Temple of Ahmedabad was built during the rule of Aazam Khan and is believed to be reconstructed by the Marathas in the medieval India. Similar to the above historic monuments, Ahemdabad has few more artistic sculptures and historic architecture such as Rani Sipri’s Mosque, Sidi Sayed Jhali, Akshardham temple, Swaminarayan temple and the Hatheesing Jain temple. These monuments have a few things in unique and thus one should visit these in order to access their importance in the history of Gujrat and more so India. With all the memories from history, one should also explore the gardens and water parts which adds the adventure flavor to the tour. The Victoria garden is situated at the southern edge of the majestic Bhadra Fort positioned in Ahmedabad. It is in factual spirit and a tourist delight, appropriately laden with all sorts of leisure amenities and a matchless exotic backdrop which attracts all travelers to the Gujrat and more so in Ahemdabad. The Law Garden is also located at the hub of the town. This Law garden also lies in the center of the city which is more so famous for the fine handicrafts and an unbelievable gathering of Gujrati garments which is reminiscent of the prosperous and popular Gujarati custom.ahmedabad

Apart from the parks and the gardens there are rich wildlife sanctuaries in Ahemdabad. The wildlife in Ahmedabad has its own attraction and charm as it serves as the habitat of a broad range of foreign and uncommon species of birds and animals which can astonish a person positively. The place to be visited is Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. This sanctuary symbolizes a pleasant lake Nal Sarovar and a swampy plot which provides a port site of a complete caboodle of migrant birds that take on a sojourn from Siberia to arrive at this magnificent locale in the winter. The above places offers tourist a gamut of rich experience and thus one should certainly visit Ahemdabad and there are some exciting packages waiting for them.

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