Amusing toy train ride, lip-smacking snacks and incredible sightseeing – holidaying at Matheran

Matheran is one of the most blessed parts of Maharashtra and because of this it is much visited by the locals and tourists alike. The article provides you with an insight into the attractions and lures of the place. Read on to know about Matheran and its popular places. matheran hill station tour

A place that offers some fresh and clean air, surroundings replete with greenery, and a scope of recreation is certainly an ideal weekend getaway. Matheran in the state of Maharashtra is one such place. It is a small hill town. It is one of those rare places which has remained eco-friendly despite the changing course of time. It is a place you can look forward to for your next short vacation. You can stay for a couple of days as accommodations are available in plenty in Matheran hotels, however, making a reservation in advance is always better, especially if you are traveling with your family. It saves you many hassles. You can check out guesthouses and stayhomes in the vicinity, as well.

Since Maharashtra is an amalgamation of rural and urban areas, a place like Matheran is a big contrast for the people of this state. Even for visitors, this hill town has something different to offer than the rest of local places. For its unique setting, Matheran is also known as the Gift of Maharashtra. There are around 39 peaks surrounded by the Sahyadris in this hill town and the climate around here is quite mild, although nights become chilly quite often. There is a lot that you can explore and engage in at Matheran, activities range from adventure sports to toy trains and mountain bikes. You can also look forward to exploring the wildlife of this region and spend some time gazing over the vast seascape. The food and merchandise are also there for you to check out. At Matheran, you can spend a nice vacation enjoying every bit of the charms that this place offers.

toy train matheran

You can start your itinerary from the Echo Point which is the one of those 39 peaks and offers the best view of the region. Echo Point is immaculately clean and the weather here has that nippy feel to get you excited. This spot is also lauded for its food and hence you would get plenty of choices in snacks and other street food items to savor. Just imagine being here under the slight cover of mist, checking out lip-smacking food while the surroundings offer a view of natural splendour and magnificence. One Tree Hill is another place where you can spend some time and relax. The Jambul tree here is a famous  landmark as it is quite ancient. Trekkers frequent One Tree Hill as the popular point of attraction in Matheran. It is surrounded by trees and it is less-crowded as well. Other places to visit in Matheran for a nice time are the Charlotte Lake which is a tranquil and quaint-looking body of water where you can spent some picnic time, Alexander Point which well-known for horse riding and trekking, and Louisa Point which is again another viewing point and a popular hub of the visitors. Explore the attractions and do not forget to make train ticket booking for a nice toy train experience with your dear ones.

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