Dine Inside the Unusual Restaurants

You too can shock your friends with the stories of some amazing places you have dine in. One can get ordinary experience of dining in the common places but dining in the below mentioned places will surely shock you once you got to know about them. Nowadays people are coming up with different concepts which allure the people to visit and dine at that particular place which have a unique concept in terms of menu and in terms of aura or location. Almost 90% of the people show interest in trying new cuisines and afterwards sharing the experience with their families and friends but if you want to triple the fun and experience you should try these below mentioned restaurants which have altogether different concept.

baggers restaurant germany

Future Dining Experience at “Baggers” in Germany

If you are tired of eating food in a restaurant who are lazy and unhelpful then Baggers is the place for you. One can order food in this modern restaurant by simply using the touch screen on the table and the food will arrive in front of you in some minutes from the spiral conveyor belt which is perfectly set on the table. This restaurant will surely leave anyone awestruck because everything inside this restaurant is automated. Placing order, dinning and enjoying food is so modern here that you will fall in love with this place and for sure you will forget about unhelpful waiters and crappy food. This restaurant is famous for its innovation and future dining concept.

vampire cafe

Dine with Vamps at “Vampire Café” in Tokyo

If you think necromancy, Vampire and Ghosts exist in films and literature only than you are mistaken. This cafe in Tokyo is designed in a ghostly theme. It is furnished with a touch of red velvet and here you can observe dark coffin with candle wax. You can even pretend like a vampire by sipping red cocktail drink.

dinner in the sky belgium

Different Experience at “Dinner in the Sky” in Belgium

Have you ever imagined of having dinner in the Sky? If no than be ready for this exclusive experience which you can get in Belgium while dining at Dinner in the sky. One can here enjoy food while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Brussels skyline. Dining 150 feet above the ground will you a different kind of experience as you dangle above ground with the amazing food however the prices are bit high but the food and experience worth it.


Dine Inside Total Darkness at “Opaque” in U.S.A

In Opaque your senses will show you how they work because the restaurant serves food in total darkness. The food is served in a pitch black area with visually impaired waiters. Opaque will surely heighten the sense of smell and taste of the diners.

go nude on the dinner

Go Nude on Dinner at “Clothing Optional Dinners” in New York

This restaurant in New York provides the diners to strip off the shame of being nude because the restaurant is full of nude diners. Here you can enjoy the dinner without worrying about the outfits. The two most important highlights of the restaurant is strip and dine. If you wish to dine here all you need to do is strip off your clothes and enjoy your food. One can strip off the clothes in the bathroom or right at the table and if you are a bit shy curtains will be drawn for you.

ice lounge

Freeze yourself at “Ice lounge” in Dubai

Yeah! Dubai has a hot weather but no worries you can chill yourself at the restaurant made of ice. You can visit here after cladding yourself in warm outfits and then sit on the ice benches and sip your cold cocktails in glasses made up of ice.

ithaa restaurants maldives

Underwater Creatures are invited here at “Ithaa Restaurant” in the Maldives

One can here Have a unique experience because this place gives you an opportunity to dine with the company of marine wildlife creatures. You can here have delicious food and watch sharks and amazingly beautiful fishes over your head. This restaurant will not only bring you closer to marine creatures but provides an outstanding aura to enjoy food.

El Diablo restaurant spain

Eat Fresh from a Live Volcano at “El Diablo” in Spain

Have you ever imagined of eating fresh food grilled on a Live Volcano; El Diablo in Spain grills food over a volcano. The texture and taste of grilled meals are really nice and yummy. You can also explore these above mentioned restaurants with us.

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