Diu – a beautiful island city most known for the quiet beaches and the Diu Fort

Diu is one of the most beautiful cities in western India. It is a small city situated on a small island and a part of Daman and Diu union territory of India. It is a historic site home to Diu Fort, Vanakbara, Jallandhar Shrine, Fortress of Panikota, St. Paul’s Church, and Diu Museum. Visit the quiet city for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Diu.diu tour

Diu is a small city located on a small island that shares the same name and falls within the Indian Union Territory of Daman and Diu. The territory is situated on the south of Gujarat state. Although Daman and Diu are just often referred together, but they are two separate places with a distance of about 650 k.m. between them. The Diu city is the seat of administration of the parent district. It is also one of the least populated districts in India. The island of Diu is separated from the Indian mainland by a tidal creek. It is most popular for a glorious past that is highly dominated by Portuguese and for being the site of Diu Fort, St. Paul’s Church, St. Thomas Church, and Fortim do Mar.diu history

Diu has a great history. Since the medieval era the place has been of great interest amongst explorers from around the world. It is a soulful destination that is 90 k.m. from holy Hindu city of Somnath, 67 k.m. from the famous Gir wildlife sanctuary, a short road trip from Gujarat’s capital, and a quick flight from Mumbai. There is a small airport that has direct flights to Mumbai. The fights to the airport are very few but they are certainly fast and convenient.

Diu has always been a major point of interest in India’s tourism circuit. The perfect sun-kissed beaches with a long string of palm fringes and numerous excellent hotels in Diu have attracted lots of tourists to the place. Although, it is small in area (about 40 k.m.), but there is a multitude of things to do and sightseeing spots to check out.diu hotels

The Diu Fort is hands down the biggest attraction here. It was built by the Portuguese between 1535-1541 A.D. after the treaty that was signed between the Portuguese and the Sultan of Gujarat. The fort is still a strong, grandiose structure surrounded by sea on three sides and a canon on the fourth side. It is popular for offering magnificent views of the Arabian Sea. It also houses a jail, a lighthouse, and a number of canons peeping out from the holes of the fort’s wall.diu beach tour

Another popular attraction on the island is the St. Paul’s Church. It was built in the 17th century and is the only fort on the island that is used as a church. There are two other churches, one of which is today used as a hospital and the other as a museum. The St. Paul church is one of the most elaborated and beautiful churches in the country. Prayers are still offered daily with most number of attendees being the locals. The Diu Museum, formerly called St. Thomas Church, is a perfect spot to learn about the history of the place. It houses a fine collection of antique statues, stone inscriptions, wooden carvings, shadow clocks, idols, and other relics collected from different parts of the region.sea view diu

The other most significant attractions of the city are: Shell Museum, Ghoghla Beach, Jallandhar Shrine, Naida Caves, Vanakbara, Gangeshwar Temple, and Fortress of Panikota. Diu has no shortage of hotels. As it receives a continuous flow of tourists, the hotels in the city effectively cater to all stay needs of the guests. Tourists often pick from the budget hotels in Diu as they are ideal for lodging and don’t cost too heavy on the wallets.


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