Explore the beauty of the red sandstone construction

As soon as you think of India the first thought which you get in your mind is of appealing constructions, historical sites, alluring natural attractions, exotic locations and a few more. Spending a holiday in the fabulous country is the most wonderful plan as traveler of any choice get the perfect place to explore. Especially if you are interested to see the tradition, art and architecture along with the monuments that reveal love, then it is the time to pack your things for Agra. The city designed and constructed by Mughal reflects the impressive taste of the great Mughal rulers. Starting from the gardens till the forts and many more buildings all the constructions reveal the exceptional architecture of Mughal rulers. Taj Mahal a great example of Mughal artwork and in the same way another appealing construction of Agra is the Agra Red Fort which is even referred as the Agra Fort.

agra red fort

History: This Agra Fort is not just an historic construction, but is a UNESCO site. Right from the initial days of Mughal rule, Agra played a special role in the history and there are several constructions that reveal the love of Mughal rulers towards this land. The red sandstone monument constructed in another example, but this fort has a different history. Known as Badalgarh this was mentioned in 11th century and earned several new colors in the rule of several rulers. A few destroyed this wonderful construction whereas a few made it much more appealing. This fort served as a military base as well as a royal residence to the Mughal rulers and the credit of rebuilding this excellent master piece goes to Akbar.

Attractions: Not just as a UNESCO heritage site, but the alluring construction has a very special appeal and the exceptional charm attracts people from various corners of the world the intricate designs and the fine art work on the walls and the design allure visitors. People can enjoy seeing the Sheesh Mahal, The Anguri Bagh, Khas Mahal, TheDiwan-i- Am and many more that make the fort a great part of the Indian history. The decorated pillars, columns, ceilings reveal the great artwork and it is a worthy place to make as a part of your itinerary. The Delhi Gate and the other attractions make the fort a very special and appealing place.

A few wonders:  As the name suggests the Sheesh Mahal  is a regular glass palace used for the royal residents to get dressed. The wonderful decoration of glass mosaic is much more opulent. Along with this there are a few special places in the fort including the Nagina Masjid, Mina Masjid, Khas Mahal and a few more which are built for the comfort of the royal residents. This is one fort which even housed the most precious and wonderful peacock throne in the public meeting hall and one can see various artworks at one place in the huge opulent construction.

Don’t spend all your time to taj mahal agra tours, but make sure that you visit the Agra Red Fort which is a beautiful red sandstone construction standing a few kilometers away from the symbol of love in the streets of Agra.

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