Fall in Love with the Abode of Clouds – Shillong

Shillong, the capital of one of the 7 sisters states of India, Meghalaya, is a portrait that possibly mirrors the dwelling of the gods. The pine trees that clad the majority of hill slopes here, the fairytale waterfalls, and the permanent blanket of clouds that enlivens the aura of this place, is just out of the World. Do not be surprised to feel weak in the knees the moment you enter the city. It is love at first sight, and nothing else!

Shillong was the capital of Assam until the state was disbanded into Assam and Meghalaya, and since then Shillong remains to be the capital of Meghalaya, which means “The Abode of Clouds.” The city’s wide expanse of refreshing greens embellished with meandering streams and cascading waterfalls, and a killer weather, make this city an ideal retreat from the commercialized and chaotic cities across the country. Come, experience what it feels to be in paradise.

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  • By Air: the most preferred air terminal to reach or leave Shillong is in Guwahati, Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is some 104 km from Shillong, but connects well to major cities in India.
  • By Rail: Since there are no railway lines in Meghalaya, one needs to board a train from the Guwahati Railway Station which is 105 km from Shillong. Use the PNR prediction feature of the Indian Railways to stay updated about the availability of tickets to Meghalaya.


Now comes the most enticing point. To explore the riches of natural goodness endowed into this place is an experience worth every effort. Shillong has a myriad of spots and sights to take your breaths away in an instant. Take a look at these-

  • Waterfalls: soak in the vitality of mother nature, and embrace the wondrous perspectives of it in Shillong with the magical aura of the cascading waterfalls that look straight out of some dreamy portrait. The Sweet Falls, the Bishop and Beadon Falls, and the Elephant Falls are the three major waterfalls that one must trek to.
  • Lakes: the two major points of attraction in Shillong are the man-made lakes, namely the Umiam Lake and the Wards Lake. These lakes have been gifted to this gorgeous city manually, but if you look at the whole setup of these lakes closely, these are just pure genius!
  • Lady Hyadri Park: named after the first lady of the state of Assam, Lady Hyadri Park is an ornamental hideout with a variety of flowers, swings, deer park, and a zoo. Ideal for kids.
  • Shillong Peak: to get astounding perspectives of the Shillong city from the top, head to this peak, which is the highest in Shillong, and also houses a radar station of the Indian Air Force.

You can visit Shillong anytime throughout the year since the city is blessed with a charming climate. But yes, since it rains a lot in Shillong, do not forget to pack an umbrella with you when visiting this city. Check your PNR status, pack your bags, and get ready for a rendezvous with heaven.

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