Ghaziabad – a bustling, glamorous neighbor of Delhi

Ghaziabad is a growing city of Uttar Pradesh. It is the second largest industrial city in the state and houses the headquarters of Ghaziabad district. It is also an ideal destination for holidaying. Filled with the attractions from the by-gone era as well as allures of modern -age, the city charms every traveler. Visit the city to explore its different aspects and choose your pick from the best hotels in Ghaziabad.ghaziabad tourism

Ghaziabad, sometimes referred as the “Gateway to Uttar Pradesh”, is a prime city of the state. It is the second largest industrial city in U.P. (the first being Kanpur) and a leading hub of education, commerce, and healthcare. It is one of the satellite cities of Delhi and a part of the NCR of Delhi. It is also the judicial centre of the district sharing the same name with all chief headquarters of Ghaziabad district existing within its province. The past few decades record of a rapid growth in the city. According to a recent survey done by the City Mayor Foundation, it is the second-fastest upcoming city in the world. Located about 2 k.m. from the Hindon River, the city flourishes. Still, agriculture is not the prime industry. In fact, majority of the city’s revenue comes from industries like public-servicing, telecom, healthcare, education, and FMCG etc. Besides, the establishment of increasing number of residential areas has made the real-estate one of the chief industries in the city.ghaziabad railway station

Since the city shares excellent rail and road connectivity, it can be accessed easily. The city railway station is a major railhead in the Northern India Railway line. It connects the city to all major Indian cities. The government also runs a fleet of intrastate and interstate buses connecting the city to the neighboring cities and towns. Ghaziabad still lacks an airport. The nearest airport to the city is the I.G.I Airport in Delhi; it is about 45 k.m. away. The good thing is that taxis and cabs can be easily availed to reach the airport. Besides, the Delhi Metro is another good option for the same. Additionally, there are some good hotels in Ghaziabad that also offer pick/drop from the airport.places to visit in ghaziabad

Before the arrival of industrialization and modern glitz and glamour, Ghaziabad was a sleepy tehsil of the Meerut district. It was declared a separate district on 14th November, 1976. Facts state that the city was founded in 1740 by Ghaziuddin who was a minister of the Mughal Empire. He called the city Ghaziuddinnagar after himself and built a beautiful sarai consisting 120 lavish rooms. However, only the front gate, a massive 14-foot pillar, and a few portions of the wall remain to be seen today. His mausoleum also exists in the city, but it is in quite rough shape. One of the significant historical events of the city is that the famed Jat king Suraj Mal was defeated and later assassinated by the Rohillas near the city in 1763.
Ghaziabad has a growing tourism industry. All the significant historical events and monuments, and the influx of modernization have made the city a prominent destination to visit. The most significant tourist attractions include: Dudheshwar Nath Mandir, Dasna, Garhmukteshwar, Dadri, Hapur, Sai Upvan, Mohan Nagar, Bahadurgarh, Muradnagar, Loni, Jalalabad, Modinagar, Dhaulana, and Ajrara. Since the city is well-connected so accessing the tourist attractions is easy. Taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws, and buses are frequent. Besides, some budget hotels in Ghaziabad also offer tour services to their guests.

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