My First Trip to Ooty: Memories of a place so nice

My first trip to Ooty was born out of necessity (since my husband was looking for a pocket-friendly honeymoon destination and he were pretty lured by the beauty of Ooty, that rascal). However, I don’t begrudge him since my trip turned out to be something of a fairy tale. This also made me realize how judgmental we often are. All my life, I used to think of Ooty as a poor man’s hill station, which can never match my love for Shimla or Kashmir.ooty (1)

But hell no, I was wrong. Ooty proved to me that the best treasures are often those which have stayed largely undiscovered and it is one of the most visited places in India. They are more pristine in that sense and when we suddenly stumble onto them during our voyage, it is a moment of happy epiphany for us.

Everything about Ooty is good, I mean really good. It is one of the most tranquil destinations I have ever come across. The population is scanty and the land is basically a huge unending stretch of green round hills. We only spent 3 days at this place, though I insist that you try spending at least a week in order to experience every bit of this place. Ooty is small and one can easily cover it even in 2 days. But I feel that Ooty deserves at least a week of you, if not more.ooty

As for Ooty tourist places, there are too many for a place so small. Ooty Lake would have been my favorite had I gone for paddle boating. But at that time, I had a bit of phobia of water and so we moved on. But it was Botanical Garden which really brought the child out of me. Though it was opened in 1848 and has that historic origin, it is very upscale in its maintenance and has some exotic flora and fauna, including cute colorful butterflies, water lilies and a 20-million year old fossil trunk.

My husband had been dangling a camera on his shoulders, trying to impress upon me the fact that he has a flair for photography. So, he took me to Dodabetta Peak, which is the topmost point that Nilgiri has to offer. It is very scenic no doubt and a great place to take some landscape pics.ooty-gardenooty-attractions---rose-garden-mkv72kro

Pykara Lake and Falls, Lamb’s Rock, Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose and Rose Garden are some other Ooty tourist places that I would like to recommend. And I can tell you that I am going to make one more trip. And my second trip to Ooty will be born not out of some necessity, but out of choice. Period!

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