Nanded – Paying a quick visit to an important pilgrimage site in Maharashtra

No where is it written that pilgrimage sites can only be visited by devotees of that certain faith. One thing that makes pilgrimage sites so intriguing are the various things one learns about other’s faith, beliefs and practises. It is a great eye opener and you begin appreciate that particular religion more. This article talks about a trip to the holy city of Nanded in Maharashtra.


Maharashtra is one of the most fascinating states in the country. Playing home to the commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai, serves as the stronghold of the rich and famous but also plays home to Asia’s biggest slum area. The state has other major cities like Pune, hill stations, popular towns, renowned vineyards and religious pilgrimage sites. One such pilgrimage site is the city of Nanded. Nanded lies close to Parbhani, another popular holy city in Maharashtra. Nanded to Parbhani train takes about just 3 hours to reach.

Nanded Gurudwara

Unlike the rest of the pilgrimage sites within the state of Maharashtra which are mostly Hindu pilgrimage sites, the city of Nanded is a pilgrimage site for the Sikhs. Nanded, today, is popular for some Sikh Shrines and Mosques and the religious vitality and tints of the town draw in a few hundred travelers and tourists consistently, apart from the tonnes of devotees. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth master of the Sikhs made Nanded his last home and declared himself the last Guru of the Sikhs. Subsequently, he built up the heavenly book, the Guru Granth Sahib, as the sole code of life for all Sikhs from all walks of life. Some different well known religious destinations in Nanded are the Kandhar Dargah and the Masjid of Biloli alongside the Govind Park and Isapur Dam which is around 100 kilometers from the township. Nanded likewise sees an extremely extravagant Navratri festivity which is an unmistakable Hindu celebration.

Summers are hot, humid and dry in Nanded, which is why the best time to visit this holy city starts around the beginning of winter season post the monsoon seasons. Winters are cool and nice. Nanded is additionally home to a cluster of old fortifications and historical sites like Kandahar, Dharur and Kunthalgiri. These Maratha posts make for a photographer’s heaven and visitors from everywhere throughout the nation and the world appreciate investigating these fortresses by walking. Nanded offers a few trekking encounters too, and arranged visits can be arranged utilizing one of the numerous administrations inside the city. Hiring a tour guide is a waste of money in Naded as the city is not very big and the chances of you getting lost in the wild is impossible. Tour guides will be everywhere, offering you the ‘best price’ for their ‘valuable’ time. Do not pay heed to them. The natural scene in the city is perfect for photography and you will instantly fall in love with the scenery if you love cameras as much.

Nanded is not as well-known as of yet, but rest assure once word gets out and tourism start to prosper, the city will be packed with domestic travellers and tourists with their cameras everywhere. You will not have the privacy as you would if you visit the city now. So, make sure you pay a visit to Nanded next time you are in Maharashtra.

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