Pondicherry – Sand, Beaches, Parties and Historical Sites

Located in the southern part of India, Pondicherry is fast becoming a popular holiday destination. With the presence of tourists all year round and especially during peak seasons, this place is a place of must visit for people who love seafood, beach life and endless parties. With a rich historical and cultural heritage, Pondicherry gives you a whole different Anglo-Indian cultural exposure.

Growing as one of the prime holiday destinations and giving Goa a run for its money in terms of its beach parties, Pondicherry is no doubt flourishing in the tourism department with people from all over coming over for a taste of this place. Although still not as popular as compared to Goa, these two places has very similar traits between themselves making it a perfect holiday destination.

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Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India, which exempts it from the sales tax under the Government of India making the cost of living low there. Food, booze and accommodation like hotels in Pondicherry are comparatively cheaper as compared to other parts in India. A pint of beer costs as same as a soda, juice, bottle of the same quantity. You could also get branded spirits and scotch at a much lower rate. Food is cheap and extremely fresh. Fresh catch from the sea can be seen turned into delicacies in the shacks along the beach. An empty stomach and an empty wallet do not go down well during a walk along the beach. It is highly advisable to have your wallet along with you even if your hotel is nearby and you decide to take a quick walk along the beach. The fragrance of the fresh seafood with their unique spice will make anyone give in to.

Pondicherry had a strong French influence in the past which is evident to this day in the way their buildings are structured and the influence in their cuisine and lifestyle of the localities. There are many buildings and cafes with quaint and quirky architectural touch. Such cafes are even more beautiful on the inside as the interiors are designed in the same quirky manner. The main language spoken there is a Tamil, although some locals still speak fluent French. There is no shortage of public transport with the abundance of auto rickshaws or tuk tuks and buses. You can also hire a scooty or motorcycle and explore the place on your own. You can also learn something interesting, such as fishing, during your stay. There are various courses you could take up for a few days and learn from the best like; massage courses. For classes in Ancient Massage/Thai massage. 10 day course and  1 month professional courses run every month and these are recognized worldwide. You can also learn various other tutorials and training classes, such as scuba diving, ocean swimming or scuba jumping.

Pondicherry is approachable by land, air or sea. Being at a distance of a mere 160 km from the city of Chennai you could easily drive up here, or take the train which runs on a regular basis, Pondicherry also has its own airport which has Air India airlines going up and down the destination, Bangalore. Pondicherry is fast becoming a much sought after holiday destination and a weekend getaway location for people living in cities nearby.

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