Rajkot, a city where wholly mixes history, culture, and modernity

A trip to the city of Rajkot is certainly an experience to cherish. The city is simply full of attractions that are going to colorize your memories of the city with cheerful lovely shades of colors. For those who are planning to head to city prepare yourself to get overwhelmed by the plethora of the allures of the city, which will beckon one to simply overstay in their trip. Rajkot is simply one of the most prominent places to visit in India. It is the nation’s ninth cleanest city that is sufficient enough to understand the locals mentality to keep their city clean.swaminarayan temple rajkot

The city also counts amongst the fastest developing cities in the world. According to the data it is ranked 22nd in the list of the fastest growing cities in the world. The city is a significant part of the state of Gujarat and was the capital of the Saurashtra State till 31st October 1956. On 1st November of the same year, the city got merged into the Bombay State, and it was only in 1st May 1960 when the city was reincorporated into the state of Gujarat. Two rivers, Aji and Nyari, flow pass the city, making it a good destination for human settlement since long. Additionally, the city also played a major role in seeking the country’s independence. It was a major pivot point of several independence movements. Plus, a fact to know, Mahatma Gandhi also spent a few years of his early childhood in the very place. Another fact to know about the city: the city received a massive earthquake measuring  6.9 richter scale on 26 January 2001 that pretty much devastated the city and thousands of lives were lost.rajkot tourist place

Nonetheless, Rajkot is also a fine destination for travelers who seek an amazing holiday experience. While one is in the city, he or she may like to visit the Ramakrishna Ashram. It is a major stop over in Rajkot tourism. The ashram serves the life of the renowned sage Ramakrishna and spreads his teaching of religious harmony and world brotherhood. The ashram is an element of Ramakrishna Math and was established in 1979. There is a temple with the sage’s deity, and aarti, pujas, and path are conducted regularly on daily basis. The Rotary midtown Dolls Museum is yet another interesting place to visit. Spread across 9000 square feet of land, the museum showcase the best of cultural heritage of the city in the form of dolls. The museum is pretty young; established in 2004. It houses an excellent collection of dolls from about 93 different countries. Each doll has its respective country’s flag helping one to easily get the whole idea.

Additionally, the city is also home to Jagat Mandir. It is one of the most significant places in the city; a revered temple with deity of lord Krishna whom locals also refer to as Dwarkadheesh. What’s more, apart from the aforementioned points of interest, the other popular places in Rajkot include: Rashtriya Shala, Ishwariya Temple, Race Course, Watson Museum, Rajkumar College, Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Mohandas Gandhi High School, Jam Tower, Lang Library, and Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Many of these are also located close to the good Rajkot hotels that one may choose for their lodging.hotel in rajkot
The good thing is that Rajkot never creeps the tourists with the headaches of selecting a hotel. There are plenty of hotels where one could just let go of every tension and just relax and enjoy the exquisite royal hospitality. Meanwhile, the 3 Star hotels in Rajkot are simply noteworthy. On charging a fair price, these hotels offer above satisfactory stay and related services, which is what the demand of every traveler.

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