Spectacular Travel Spots in San Francisco

Though not really a Tourist city, San Francisco has numerous sites and spots that one should visit while there and a lot of experiences that one definitely should not leave the town before going through.
The following is a cursory analysis of the city’s best spots for the benefit of people who would want to visit this city:
The Cable Cars
The cable cars have come to be iconic symbols In San Francisco. They are depicted in most of the movies that are set in this great city. Primarily so, they are definitely must go to sites when in San Francisco. With three lines still operational for the purpose of entertaining tourists and all visitors, it definitely is a worthwhile experience.San Francisco
The Coit Tower
The Coit Tower is a very impressive piece of landmark architecture. While on it, one is able to see great and wide. This is even more interesting if one is lucky enough to be there on a clear day. From the town, again no needs for a personal vehicle because you can either walks there or use the bus that takes tourists to the bottom of this amazing landmark. At the bottom you could then pay for an elevator to take you up to different places of the island where you get to enjoy the impressive views from there.
The Alcatraz Island
Often referred to as ‘The Rock’, the Alcatraz has been the baseline of many movies and definitely one of the must see spots of San Francisco. Located as part of The Golden Gate Park it has now been made into a national reserve. It is accessed by means of a ferry. It is home to ‘The Abandoned Prison’ and the oldest working lighthouse. It is sure to give its visitors a throwback into the past not to mention the amazing views of the city from the island.san-francisco-02
The Ripley’s museum
This is the right place you need to visit if you want to see strange and unusual things that are simply unbelievable. If such is your thing, then you might want to pop into this amazing museum and get yourself mesmerized by its contents. Having been recently renovated to include mirror maze and a superb factory for candy, it definitely is not a place to miss even if you are touring with kids.
Golden Gate Bridge
This is another great iconic attraction that San Francisco prides itself for. The experience on this bridge is further made more special by the footpaths and bicycle lanes on the bridge that offer a great attraction to tourists who long for a leisure and hands on experience.
The China Town
San Francisco’s China town boasts of being the oldest china town having sprung up in the 1800’s. It offers a good opportunity for visitors to take a good look at Chinatown’s rich history and culture. Its streets are filled with numerous open air markets and souvenir shops, not forgetting the tantalizing aromas that only come with Chinese food.
As usual, it is advisable to complete all the travel arrangements before travelling to San Francisco. For any questions or additional information about vehicles and registration plates, the DVLA phone number may be all you need.

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