Teeny Tiny Things But Large Enough To Excite You

In our daily lives, we are taking some things very light, but they have very strange impacts on our lives. The happiness and satisfaction they provide us is unbelievable. So here we will discuss what happiness we can achieve with just little things.

Try bush walk time

This is indeed a great idea to go on a bush walk. Plan it with your friend to get more enjoyment. A long bush walk will make you able to discuss several matters with each other and also provide you enough time to stay together.

Collect different sized stones

If you are at some open space and near the water stream, you can collect different sized stones. Write your name on them with marker or light colored stones. Keep it with you or throw it into the water. Though it is a small activity, but it will make you happy and relax. Feel the water, its sound, peace around you.

Get motivation from clouds

Look at the clouds and get inspirations. You will get high feelings while looking above. They give you a sense of freedom. Enjoy their existence over your head. These high spirits will help you concentrate on your work as well.

Run on the fresh grass

Fresh green grass will also keep you fresh and energetic. Run over it or walk on it with bare feet to absorb its moisture into your body. It will keep you healthy as well as help you stay in touch with nature.

Have some fun time on picnic


Routine life and usual tasks make us dull and boring. We need change and it is a very normal behavior. For a healthy and active life entertainment is a crucial thing. So take some time out of your busy life routine and go for a picnic with family and friends. Such activities are  also very healthy for children. They enjoy as well as learn many new things.

Leave your place

It has been a very great idea to go away from your hometown for some time to spend the holidays. You can choose any place but here we suggest you Dubai due to its perfect climate. You will get much here for your trip. In Dubai you can enjoy fishing trips, desert trip and can avail desert safari adventures Dubai to travel in the Arabian desert. The trip will provide you plenty of good memories that will keep with you ever.

Listen bird tunes


Enjoy the beautiful songs sing by birds. If you are too busy, no matter. Spare just two minutes for this activity. This is so natural and keep you connected with the nature. If possible, record it in your audio player and listen it whenever you get some time.

Swim in the swimming pool

If you are near the ocean it is better to enjoy swimming in the fresh waters of the ocean, but if there is no such opportunity you can try it in the swimming pool. Swimming is a good and healthy exercise that will keep you active.

The above mentioned things are apparently very small but believe me the excitement you will get from them is unlimited.

Author Bio: Tauqeer Gillani is a professional writer who loves to write about traveling, trips and different traveling tips.

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