The Dolomite Driving Tour: A Must for Any Family

If you think Italy vacation means beach side fun and artistic hub, then you need to rethink and explore the nation from a different perspective. This is because the country is also getting significantly popular for its thrilling activities happening along the shore and on the land. Well, a unique but thrilling land side activity to take up with the full family is driving.

For those who are unaware, most tourists consider driving in Italy as an experience that is not worthy of missing. In fact, driving here is quite challenging, which is evident from the tales of reckless drivers, ignorant about others on the route.


However, this should not push you back from driving because only awareness is required for a safe and exciting experience. Remember, it is not the road that makes you unsafe but it is the driver’s lack of attention or haste driving that worsens the condition. If the latter two are ensured, driving is fun in this art popular nation!

Taking Up a Unique Route

If you are new to the city, it is obvious for you to take up driving between the popular tourist destinations of Rome, Florence, and Tuscany. However, maximum fun lies in discovering the natural gems located beyond these cities. Take up one such route and include in your customized family Italy tours package after which you will only thank yourself for taking such a decision.

For those on budget, several affordable options for car rental are available, which you can get it arranged from your tour organizer. The impressive network of roads across the nation facilitates smooth access to different towns, villages, islands, and mountain passes. If natural sights are your passion, taking up the Great Dolomite Road is simply fun!


On the Great Dolomite Road (Grande Strada delle Dolomiti)

One of the most naturally enchanting attractions in Italy is the Dolomite Mountains are expanding from west to east in the north. The range is known as the most bizarre but most stunning one on the globe. Did you know that this area was once a sea and was full of coral reef that is now a mountainous landscape? Created in the Palaeozoic Era, the reefs soar from the mountain with a colorful look that shines golden at sunrise and pink at dusk.

The drive trip usually starts from the capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano (Bozen) that is a German-speaking region. Stretching up to almost 65 km, the road ensures truly incredible drive, with several bands and a few narrow points but without any kind of traffic congestion. During the total journey of three hours, you pass through the breathtaking vistas, attractive Alpine hamlets, walking trails, and Cortina d’Ampezzo as an exclusive mountain resort in the country.

If you wish to stop, Canazei is an ideal place to consider, as there are several restaurants and small guesthouses for relaxing a while or for the whole night. For some sweet memories to take home, do stop at every few miles to capture some of the most enchanting views of nature.

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