Top 5 Glamping Spots In Scotland

The wild natural sites of the Scottish countryside and the beautiful scenery may make people think that you would have to go very basic when it comes to camping there, but here are some of the top glam ping sites in Scotland combining a little bit of luxury with camping.

Mains Farm Wigwams, Stirling

Situated in a lovely location near the village of Thorn hill,visitors have a choice of pitching their own tent or staying in the wooden wigwams, which offer some great facilities including a mini kitchen, foam mattresses and electric sockets. The beautiful natural surroundings of the area make it a great place to explore, with the farm offering several hiking trails, and plenty of other areas to explore to. For those looking to explore the history of the area, the town of Stirling is just a short drive away, with the Wallace Monument and the remarkable Stirling Castle well worth exploring.

The Shepherd Huts, Skye

Set in spectacular countryside on the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides, these huts offer many of the home comforts you would expect in a small hotel, with a lovely wood burning stove that makes sure the huts are beautifully warm. Outside visitors can go as wild as they would like, with plenty of hills and mountains to explore, and pleasant loch views just a short distance away.

Harelawhill Yurt, Canonbie

Just a short distance north of the English border in the Dumfries countryside, this attractive yurt offers a great combination of camping and hotel, with real beds and the warmth of the construction making it a good place to go with families. There is also a nearby pub for those who don’t fancy getting too rustic with their cooking, while owners Diana and Mick are happy to share the shower, fridge and wireless internet facilities at the cottage.

Brodick Castle Camping Pods, Arran

Located in the shadow of the beautiful Brodick Castle, and with access to the beautiful gardens of the wonderful property, these camping pods are a great choice for those looking for a simple camping experience with a few more luxuries. The pods themselves are small wooden huts with a roofing material that reduces any rain noise, while the walls have a wool insulation for warmth. The Shore Lodge offers showers and a wealth of other facilities, all in a location that is perfect for exploring what the lovely island of Arran has to offer.

Pot-a-Doodle-Do, Berwick-upon-Tweed

This small wigwam village is a wonderful place to stay that offers the rural experience of camping with a few more home comforts such as heating and comfortable mattresses. There is also a lodge offering a TV room and a full kitchen. However, it is the wonderful countryside that makes this such an amazing place to stay, with walks exploring the cliffs of the coast and the sand dunes all accessible on foot, with the historic town of Berwick-upon-Tweed a short drive away.

For more information about where you can enjoy camping with a few home comforts, you can visit the Camping In Heels blog.

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