Top Places for Cave Canoeing

Amongst all places where you can’t reach on foot, sea caves are the most fascinating or should we say most thrilling ones. Some of these caves are home to sharks and rays, some are open to the sky and some glow with bio luminescent plankton. In order to experience these caves, the cave-canoeing is an excellent mode. Cave-canoeing is simply a way of sailing in waters with a canoe (either self driven or boatman). If you are one of those adventurers who love to explore such amazing destination, then read on and know about the best five places to go cave-canoeing.

Phang Nga Bay, Phuket

Highlighted by the towering limestone cliffs, Phang Nga Bay is located between Phuket and the southern coast of Thailand. The bay is dotted with islands of different sizes and has many secret places called as hongs that are formed when parts of the island collapse. Many of these parts are then filled with water and form lakes. These lakes can only be accessed through caves. The hongs are beautiful by day but a blend of bioluminescence and starlight makes them truly stunning at night. One can experience the cave-canoeing by booking a day trip available at affordable rates by local tour operators. Visit for more details about tour and travel in Thailand.

La Jolla Sea Caves, San Diego

Once a secret refuge for pirates for hiding gold and silver, these seven sister caves today occupies the non human variety. Some of the popular ones amongst them are seals, sea lions that will bark and moan, while pelicans and cormorants fly overhead and leopard sharks, while bat rays and Garibaldi swim underwater. To enjoy the wonderful experience of sailing through the caves, one can hire a guided tour provided by the tour operators. Every day a 90-minute tour is conducted during daylight hours as per the weather conditions.

Ponta Da Piedade, Lagos

Located just west of Lagos in Portugal, Ponta DA Piedade is a stretch of coastline which is as famous for its noteworthy bird population because of its unusual rock formations. Over a long period of time, the cliffs have been eroded and typically formed all sorts of caves, grottoes and arches. In fact, these have also been named such as Sphinx, Camel, and Kissing Couple. People can walk to the rock formation by the steps of the lighthouse located at the top of the cliff; however, kayaking is a good option to explore the caves from inside, right through grottos and the rock pillars. One can take outdoors tour packages for the same available with local tour operators.

Keauhou Bay, Hawaii

Known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii also serves as an ideal place for cave canoeing. With the sun-kissed beaches and clear waters, you can never go wrong with any water sport. Though the most famous water sport here is surfing but this beautiful island also attracts a large number of people who love to canoeing or kayaking in the region of the sea caves. Keauhou Bay & Kuamoo Bay are the most popular places to go kayaking while exploring the beautiful caves. In order to enjoy the same water activities, one can hire professional experts or book special packages available with local operators.

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