Top Places to Visit on Singapore Tour

Singapore is a perfect blend of several vibrant cultures, artistic brilliance, technological developments and a number of majestic architectures. With amazing natural splendor, lip smacking cuisines and an array of tourist attractions, the city turns into one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world with its exotic aura. Singapore is home to sky touching skyscrapers, sophisticated shopping malls, breathtakingly beautiful islands and adventurous nightlife. Everything about the city mesmerizes the tourists with its sheer uniqueness. It welcomes a number of tourists to explore most exclusive and unmatched tourist spots. There are several beautiful places to visit in the city of Singapore. Explore about them in detail reading this article.    

sentosa island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the most spectacular tourist spots in Singapore. Being a picturesque island, it offers an ultimate gateway for fun and entertainment. Without visiting this place, your visit to Singapore is not supposed to be completed. With its special magical aura, Sentosa offers more than sightseeing experience to the visitors by letting them enjoying several exciting water sports. Sentosa Island is full of sightseeing places like Butterfly Park, Dolphin Lagoon, The Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Tiger Sky Tower, Underwater World, Song of the Sea, The Flying Trapeze and The Sijori Wonder Golf. Experience the magnificence of Sentosa along with a delight that has it has created in Singapore.  

singapore night safari

Singapore Night Safari  

It is one of the most exclusive zoos of the world and a breathtaking tourist attraction of Singapore. The place not just brings a distinctive sightseeing experience, but also offers a visual treat to the nature lovers. In a calm ,yet vibrant ambience, Singapore Night Safari allows the visitor’s meeting with more than 1000 several species of night animals in their natural setting. It is truly an amazing experience that can enthrall you with most scenic beauty. You can cherish the moments spent here.

jurang bird park

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is the largest and most charming home to 9000 birds of 600 different species carried from all over the world. Along with the birds of diverse species, the park features world’s highest man-made waterfalls. Tourists can enjoy various bird shows here. With its exclusiveness and splendor, this wonderful park will fascinate you and allow you learning the languages of birds.

marina bay island

Marina Bay Sands

It is a beautiful resort signifying a rich & modern culture that serves as a hub for the luxury, entertainment, shopping and business needs. Offering a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, culture, luxury and modernism, the place will leave you with a different feeling.

dolphin lagoon

Dolphin Lagoon

It is a stunning place to visit in Singapore that is full of natural beauty and attracts the visitors with rare charm. Offering an amazing opportunity to meet with the very clever dolphins in close quarters, Dolphin Lagoon offers a beautiful experience in your life. It is just an amazing feeling to be at this place. The place offers a series of communicative training sessions and makes people capable of understanding these marvelous creatures.

There are much more waiting for you at this charming land. Proceed for a memorable Singapore holiday trip with

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