Vijayawada tour in a shoestring budget

The third biggest city of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada lies on the northern banks of the Krishna River. The name truly signifies “Place that is known for Victory” and it is the greatest city in Krishna District.

Vijayawada is widely famous for the highly revered Kanaka Durga Temple and the numerous myths related to its history and beginning. A blend of old and new Vijayawada has a specific appeal that draws backpackers and travelers from distant locations. It is an immaculate spot to spend a get-away and obviously, Vijayawada tourism doesn’t fails to inspire. Notwithstanding, before you get all energized and book one of the Bangalore to Vijayawada flights, or a train from Mumbai or Delhi, etc. it is perfect to do some research about the city, about its tourism, trip budget, and so forth. Particularly on the off chance that you are constrained to a low budget here’s the means by which you can explore the old city on a shoestring budget.

vijaywada tour

Pick an off-peak season to save cash

Vijayawada might be a year-round excursion destination, yet there are maybe a couple ‘off-peak’ periods consistently. Lookout for less expensive flights and discounted rooms in hotels in these off-peak tourism seasons, odds are they may cost lower than what they’ll generally cost in peak tourism season.


Consider staying at a cheap hotel or a hostel

It is entirely clear that a small hotel with less conveniences and facilities is less expensive than a stay at an extravagance resort or a 5 Star lodging. A decent one-room condo can be secured for as little as the half of the cost of the room in a lavish lodging. Also, it is widely known that accommodation expenses are best kept down by staying at a hostel.

Look at free events and tourist spots that charge no entry fee

It’s a pain, however, it truly pays if you do some research about the local listing for free events and constantly keep checking the daily deal sites that can offer you some assistance with finding the free or discounted local events. Then again, majority of the vacation spots in the city are either free or charge a nominal entry fee.


Have a healthy lunch and light dinner

Lunch is intensely discounted on contrast with dinner at numerous eateries (this is, obviously, the case in essentially every holiday destination in the world). Another modest approach to gobble out is to make up for lost time with a nearby eatery that is not as extravagant as a luxurious eatery, yet serves a decent and hygienic food.

bus tour

Take the bus

Leasing a car is truly the best way to openly explore the city on your own terms. Unfortunately, hiring charges, fuel charges, and insurance make it restrictive for those on a tight spending plan. The Bus services then again give shoestring explorers access to numerous parts of the city and that too in a less expensive way. Rather than hiring a private taxi, consider getting around in a public transport. An additional advantage of travelling in a public transport is that one can easily access the popular places to visit in Vijayawada but doing so gives them the opportunity to better understand the city, its people, and lifestyle.  

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