Visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Situated in the heart of the city’s historic centre, the traditional architecture and ornate design of Bangkok’s Grand Palace is a sight to behold for visitors to Thailand. Made even more awe-inspiring with the backdrop of the city’s soaring skyscrapers in the distance, it’s easy to see why this expansive, four-part complex was once fit for a king. While it’s no longer home to the country’s royal residents, the Grand Palace remains a significant cultural and political site in Bangkok, with multiple government offices still operating within the palace walls.

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Tour the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Nestled within the Grand Palace’s compound, visitors will find Wat Phra Kaew, a significant spiritual landmark otherwise known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Thought to be the most sacred temple in the country, Wat Phra Kaew has earned both its name and its reputation from the jade-carved image of Buddha housed within. An important site for traditional cultural practices, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is famous for its seasonal cloak-changing ceremony, wherein the King of Thailand changes the robe of the Buddha image to reflect the season. Following the 4th, 8th and 12th month of the lunar calendar, this tri-annual ritual is thought to bring prosperity and good fortunate to the nation.


Visitor Information

Opening Hours
Open daily from 8:30am to 3:30pm, the Grand Palace is accessible to tourists all year round. Travellers wanting to avoid crowds, however, should plan to visit the palace early in the day to avoid peak volumes of visitors.
Admission Fees
Admission to the Grand Palace, which includes access to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the on-site museum and the compounds main courtyard, costs 400 Baht per person.
Dress Code
Travellers planning to visit the Grand Palace should be mindful of their attire as modest dress is a requirement of entry. As a guideline, both men and women should have their feet, shoulders and knees covered before entering the palace grounds.

How to Get to the Grand Palace

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