What are the advantages of staying at the dream villas in Maldives

Maldives is an island which has everything going right for it. Its scenic beauty is one of a kind and its popularity has hence been seeing a dramatic upswing. Getting a Maldives honeymoon has become easy, affordable and quick. The most preferred form of accommodation in this region is the villa. And it should be stated that the Maldives have those dream villas which are hard to replicate and find anywhere else in the world.

There are some fascinating advantages of staying at such a villa. First and foremost, a villa accords you a lot more privacy than a hotel or resort does. Here, you can have your own private den and chill out with your spouse. Even if you are planning a family holiday sometime in the future with your kids and even your elder parents, it makes sense to book a villa. There are private rooms, no doubt. But those apart, a villa feels a lot like a personal home since there are free, private spaces to sit, walk around and just hang about. This is what demarcates a villa from a resort.baros-maldives-watervilla

Secondly, the best villas of the Maldives are just too close to the sea to not feel tempted. In fact, most of them sit over the beaches and give you a close intimacy with the blue ocean and the fresh breeze. So, for nature lovers and for the honeymooners, these villas are perfect nesting grounds.

Thirdly, the villas offer diverse services and cater to all kinds of travelers and honeymooners. A lot of villas offer a wide range of water sports and beach activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and surfing are activities which can create all the difference in your holiday. These aside, the villas have luxurious recreation facilities and most of them pamper their guests with an assortment of indoor activities too.

Speaking of cost, a villa can be a bit more expensive than your average hotel. But then the returns you get are more than the money’s worth. Also, if you run through travel sites and check out the packages and deals, you are bound to discover a Maldives honeymoon package which suits your pocket and gives you exactly what you need.

Excellent room service, great food including authentic local seafood and a mélange of activities juxtaposed with a romantic ambiance make these villas the true temporary abodes of peace-seeking lovey dovey couples.

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