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Want to feel nature from close? Really, Really Close! It’s time you consider enlisting places that will give you maximum pleasure in displaying the charm of amazing wildlife. You can get in touch with a proper tour conductor that offers an extensive expedition to Africa. From Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater to Zanzibar, Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, Namib Desert Botswana and much more, the travel coordinator is a sure choice for those who love to get insights of the world. Some say that Africa is a heart warming continent with natural diversities like no other place in the planet.


Oasis Overland goes forward to help you get close encounters with wildlife and nature at its best. The continent showcases contrasts, you have never even imagined in your dreams. The unrivalled wildlife, lush green jungles certainly draw a stark comparison to the snow capped peaks and the stunning coasts – all under a single stretch of land.

Experience a Kenyan Safari or get your way through Nairobi to encounter the Masai Mara tribal culture. The continent Africa is synonymous to extensiveness, though in Berber tongue the name signifies “sunny place”. This massively big continent comprises around 20% of the landmass showcasing extremities like none other. Yes! Africa has got the longest river, the largest desert and the most surging temperatures.  Besides, the dialects uttered here are uncountable. Almost every community here has its own tongue to interact.  The interesting part is that you will find cultural blends influencing billions of inhabitants.


Overland safaris will let you come face to face with chimpanzees at Uganda. You can even track the wildebeests migrating across Serengeti, also one of the biggest habitats of the mighty big cat family. This place is home to lions, cheetahs, jaguars and other majestic breeds from the feline family. Don’t panic if you come across the rarest mountain gorilla of Rwanda. The exotic beast from the wild will be equally happy to get a closer look at you.

The gushing water of the Victoria Falls, the popular Zimbabwean ruins and the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar- don’t they make a picture perfect setting for a memorable African safari? For a never before experience you can certainly not miss out on relishing some exotic meat, the plush music culture, the tribal dance steps and of course the incredibly untainted wilderness and beauty of sights and scenes. Africa is indeed the continent which gives you every reason to feel like a true traveller, because every time you visit the place, you feel as if you have known it for the first time.

In Africa is there is no end to the number of ways you can come in terms with nature. Take a flight to Namibia and enjoy the main attractions there. The stunning landscape, the enthralling wilderness and the classic adventure activities will not stop your heart from beating faster.

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Likewise an escape to Congo will certainly make your day fulfilling. The adventure will let you make friends with the lowland gorillas among other rare animals, which mostly include mammals, birds and reptiles. There are three national parks, the Odzala-Kokua and Nouabale-Ndoki and the Conkouati-Douli. Not only this, the parks are home to several primate species, also including huge fauna range like elephants, buffaloes, lowland bongo, spotted hyenas and leopards.

Or you can simply consider a package that takes you up on Mount Kilimanjaro. This travel program may also include hiking the route of Rongai. A group safari through the national parks to Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro crater is an eye-opener for the true traveller.

Apart from land safari a wonderful itinerary focussed on the coastline of Garden Route and across the Cape, is worth mentioning.

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